Google My Business Set-up

Google My Business / Google Places

I found you there!!! Increase visibility and Earn Customers for Your Local Business

How to get local customers to your business using Google Places - formerly known as Google Maps.

Small businesses have now the opportunity not only to mark their business location on the map services “Google Places” but to enrich the map with information such us phone number, address, website, pictures, videos etc.

This is a great opportunity for your local business to be found by customers and to beat the competition against big companies as you have a significant advantage; your physical location.

Place your company on the 3 precious spots

Version4 have the knowledge to create a successful business listing at Google maps. Check the of successful entries on the 1st position. Those are our proofs


  • Get Your local business in the first Page of Google Map Search Results.
  • Drive traffic to your site and to your shop from Google Maps and Google Places for business.
  • Target customers in your area who are ready to buy.
  • Build your brand name and consolidate in your industry
  • Money back guarantee. If you will not be listed on the first page we give you your money back

Now your website can help you