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  • Become the owner of a strong Website
  • Email & Newsletter marketing
  • Website Seo & Local Listings
  • Google Places for business
  • other Social Media accounts
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Paid Advertising - Google Adwords
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Source: Advanced Web Ranking
The above results show the Click Through Rate % (CTR) on Google. So for example if your website get the 1st position for the keyword "Homewares Adelaide" on Google, you will get on average 329 visits per month (when the monthly searches are 1000).

The online marketing and the lucrative future of Small business 

Internet marketing is a combination of many different methods of online advertising. In addition to on-site search engine optimization, internet marketing leverages the new methods for targeted public communication of your business. This includes new internet marketing strategies that include social networking - social media networking, or SMO, social bookmarking, publishing documents, newsletters, online advertising, advertising pay per click, and more. We know that the era of classic corporate website has gone for good. Today more than ever need a comprehensive, integrated online profile. We can create for you. We analyze your needs, content on this website, competition, and make that the strategy will raise to high positions in search engines will help you have an effective presence on social networking channels (facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc) will bring your audience even closer to your business. Improving the content and structure of your site in order to assess better search engines and be more attractive to visitors. Implement practices and internet email marketing and create informative messages (newsletters) inform your audience and keep alive the image and your message. We analyze the performance of your site. Having a complete picture of visitors, making and improve the positive face and the vulnerabilities of the points. The site is now the tool will generate a profit.

The Value of #1 Page Results
Google Organic CTR - Latest results, March 2015

Desktop Mobile
1st 32.94 30.00
2nd 15.54 16.98
3rd 10.04 10.83
4th 7.12 7.49
5th 5.52 5.62
6-10 3.60 3.58
1st Page Totals 74.76 74.50
2nd Page Totals 4.31 4.45
3rd Page Totals 1.29 4.09


First-page positions are essential and the most effective way to succeed. Help your customers find you & increase your sales!

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  • Stavros Parissos // - (08) 8447 4177

    Vagelis at Version4 has been instrumental in bringing positive change to my business. I doubted the value of a good website in my industry however the feedback from my customers has been astounding & most importantly the information I was able to upload turned into increased retail sales.

  • Warwick O'brien // - (08) 8223 2737

    I have been working with Vagelis for around 6 months. He is direct, and to the point. He knows his business and has cut through a lot of my preconceptions about how a web site should look, because he looks for the customer's perspective. He is a tireless, honest worker and I believe delivers excellent value.

  • Vlado Borovac // - (08) 8373 7700

    Vagelis has developed the Empress site for my Homewares Boutique and the Results are sensational . I am receiving many inquiries from new clients due to the rating that Vagelis has engineered . His attention to all specific details relevant to the structure of the site are balanced and essential . He has a Professional approach of the highest calibre.